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Creek Chub Six Pin Popper

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The Creek Chub Six Pin Popper is perfect for your next surfcasting trip! It is constructed of wood and features through-wire construction, heavy-duty stainless steel triple split rings and 3X treble hooks. The first eyelet even uses a heavy-duty swivel to reduce chances of the fish unhooking itself. Creek Chub Six Pin Poppers have 3D eyes and a terrific finish! This really is an impressive lure. I know Creek Chub has the reputation of being an older brand, but they really did a nice job with this popper. Buy one and then go catch some striped bass, bluefish snook or whatever else will bite!

Creek Chub Six Pin Poppers are available in 6 1/2" and weigh 2 1/2 ozs so you will get some nice casting distance. They are Funny Bone color which is bone on top, silver holographic on the side and chartreuse on the bottom. There is a little kiss of pink on the head. 

Models: I810653


Color - Funny Bone

Length - 6 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 2 1/2

Type - Wooden Popper

Hook Size - 3/0