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Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braided Fishing Line

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Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braided Fishing Line has become extremely popular for guys wanting something better than standard Spectra. Saltiga Boat Braid is constructed of eight woven braids making it very strong, and giving it one of the thinnest diameter of any braided fishing line. It is significantly smoother than other braids which means less friction going through the guides and water. This means that Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid will cast further than other braids as well as reach the bottom with less weight. The line color changes every ten meters, with five and one meter indicators, so you can see depth and distance.

Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid is perfect for fishing from the beach or from the boat. It is available in just fit packs as well as bulk spools.