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Daiwa Saltiga FK Jigs

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Prepare to conquer the underwater realm like never before with Daiwa FK Jigs. Engineered to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing and designed to entice a wide range of predatory species, these jigs are the ultimate weapon for anglers seeking to hook into trophy fish. Crafted with precision engineering and featuring innovative design elements, Daiwa FK Jigs are trusted by anglers worldwide to deliver unmatched performance and results on the water.

Built to Perform:

Daiwa FK Jigs are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Each jig is built to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater environments, ensuring durability and reliability in the face of challenging fishing conditions. The aerodynamic design of the FK Jigs allows for effortless casting and superior swimming action, while the high-quality hooks ensure solid hook sets and secure fish retention.

Versatile Applications:

Whether you're targeting pelagic predators offshore or bottom-dwelling species in coastal waters, Daiwa FK Jigs are versatile enough to handle a wide range of fishing scenarios. From vertical jigging over deep wrecks and reefs to slow-pitch jigging in calm seas, these jigs excel in various fishing techniques and applications. Available in a range of weights, Daiwa FK Jigs can be customized to match the preferences of different anglers and the feeding patterns of different fish species.

Irresistible Action:

One of the key features of Daiwa FK Jigs is their lifelike swimming action that mimics the movement of natural prey. The fluttering action of the jig as it sinks, combined with its erratic darting motion when retrieved, is irresistible to predatory fish, triggering aggressive strikes even from the most wary of predators. Whether worked fast or slow, Daiwa FK Jigs have a tantalizing action that is sure to elicit strikes from even the most finicky of fish.

With their precision engineering, versatile applications, and lifelike swimming action, Daiwa FK Jigs are the ultimate choice for anglers looking to maximize their success in saltwater fishing. Whether you're a seasoned offshore angler targeting pelagic giants or a coastal angler chasing inshore species, Daiwa FK Jigs are the go-to option for enticing strikes and landing trophy fish. Upgrade your tackle box with Daiwa FK Jigs and experience the thrill of reeling in monster fish like never before.


Color - Full Silver

Length - 4.25"

Weight (oz) - 4oz

Type - Vertical Jig

Range (ft) - Unlimited