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Deep Drop & Kite Rods

Daiwa Tanacom Dendoh Rods

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Daiwa Tanacom Dendoh Rods are designed for your next deep drop fishing trip! They are made to work with all of Daiwa's electric reels to give you the best fishing experience possible. Daiwa Tanacom Dendoh Rods are built on a Glatech blank that is strong and powerful. They feature Aluminum Oxide guides with an ALPS swivel tip top. The foregrip is comfortable EVA coated with an X-wrap that will give you the grip you need when fighting a big fish while getting sprayed. The all in one aluminum curved butt fits into your rod holder at the perfect angle. Daiwa has been making this style of rod for a long time and they work great. If you are deep dropping for tile fish or other species, this is the go-to rod to get the job done! Add a Daiwa Tanacom Dendoh Rod to your electric fishing arsenal!

Daiwa Tanacom Dendoh Rod are available in several models including a kite rod. They feature Daiwa's Limited Lifetime Warranty.