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Dark Matter Feeder Minnow

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The Dark Matter Feeder Minnow is the perfect 3/4 oz inshore topwater bait that is dominant when targeting striped bass, snook or other inshore species. It is constructed of hard plastic and features thru-wire construction so when you hook into something big it can handle the strain and keep going. They swim side to side in the water and look very much like a bait fish. They are outfitted with super sharp BKK single inline hooks that do much less damage to a fish than trebles and are easy to dehook. If you're looking to get your bait back in the water after a fish, these hooks re for you. Dark Matter Feeder Minnows have 3D eyes and great finishes. We're talking the core colors that are proven to catch fish after fish. If you are looking for a new inshore saltwater bait that is going to produce for you, try a Dark Matter Feeder Minnow. 

John Skinner fished a prototype of this bait all during the winter and caught really big snook on it, over and over again. It performed when other lures just weren't getting the job done. This is a great bait for striped bass, bluefish and other hungry saltwater fish. 

Dark Matter Feeder Minnows are available in 4 1/2”  and weigh 3/4 ozs. Choose from four great colors: Bone, Holo Gold/Black Back, Holo Silver/Ghost Back and mullet. Get one for yourself and for your fishing buddy!

Models: DM-FM-4.5


Color - Bone

Length - 4 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 3/4

Type - Spook

Hook Size - 2/0