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Hard Baits

Dark Matter Pencil Popper

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Dark Matter Pencil Poppers are going to be your favorite pencil to fish. These hard plastic lures feature thru-wire construction with internal rattles that not only make noise but act as a weight transfer system. They cut through the wind really well and have great action in the water. We have outfitted them with VMC 4X Treble Hooks and stainless steel split rings. Dark Matter Pencil Poppers come in three sizes and each size has different size hardware specific to that size.

Here's what John Skinner has to say about these plugs: "These plugs cast like bullets and have the enticing action and realistic appearance required to pull fish to the surface and get them to strike. They also resist damage from hooks and bluefish teeth that often damage the bodies on wooden pencil poppers."

Dark Matter Pencil Poppers are available in 4 3/4" 7/8 oz, 6" 1 5/8 oz, and 6 3/4" 2.6 ozs. Choose from five great colors: Bone, Blue/Silver, Chicken Scratch, Winkie Special and White/Silver. Some of these colors are holographic.

Models: DM-PP-120, DM-PP-150, DM-PP-170H