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Dark Matter Bunker Spoon Trolling Rods

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Trolling bunker spoons leads to catching big striped bass! Anglers have been trolling big spoons for decades t great success. Currently there are very few options for bunker spoon rods due to the special guides needed to troll wire. Dark Matter has created a rod that has the perfect action for trolling spoons, has a clean look and will last a very long time! The Dark Matter Bunker Spoon Trolling Rod was designed specifically for catching big striped bass trolling wire. The action is absolutely perfect and will make the bunker spoon swim correctly. These rods are outfitted with carbide guides which can handle the rigors of wire line fishing, X-Wrap grips for comfort and grip and an aluminum reel seat and gimbal. While Dark Matter is known for bold colors and eye-catching design, they kept it simple with this one. All black with silver accents look great. There is even a striped bass sticker on the side. These rods have been rigorously fished on the south shore of Long Island and have delivered a lot of big fish! If you're looking for a rod to troll bunker spoons, a Dark Matter Bunker Spoon Trolling Rod should be the one you reach for. It will get the job done!

Dark Matter Bunker Spoon Trolling Rods are one-piece 7'9". This is the perfect length for a bunker spoon rod. On a side note, carbide guides are more fragile that other guides so take care of your new rod and it will take care of you!

Models: DMBSR79



Color - Black

Length - 7'9"

Power - H

Action - Bunker Spoon

Pieces - 1

Line Rating Braid (lbs) - 50-100

Rod Weight (oz) - 11.6

Technique - Bunker Spoon Trolling

Guide Type - Tungsten Carbide Guides

Reel Seat Manufacturer - Dark Matter

Number of Guides - 8 + tip

Foregrip Material - X-Wrap

Foregrip Length (in) - 6"

Reel Seat Type - PacBay Aluminum Reel Seat

Reargrip Length (in) - 12"

Reargrip Material - X-Wrap

Gimbal - Yes

Gimbal Material - Aluminum