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Dark Matter CCC Surf Spinning Rods

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The Dark Matter CCC Surf Spinning Surf Rod was designed to handle jigging in the Cape Cod Canal as well as chunking in Montauk. This rod was built to handle fishing jigs from the shore in deep water with a lot of current. The blank is constructed of M3NANO Korean carbon that is lightweight, yet built strong to handle the rigors of fishing the Canal. It has been outfitted with Fuji Alconite K guides that are designed for braid and will help deliver long accurate casts while reducing tangles. The Fuji graphite reel seat can handle any modern spinning reel and features a locking ring to make sure nothing comes loose when you are hooked up. The fore and rear grip are shrink tubing with the fore grip having a few wells in it for extra grip. There is a hook keeper just above the fore grip that you can hook your jig or lure to when you are done fishing. At the bottom of the rod is a durable rubber butt cap that can handle leaning against rocks and other hard surfaces. Dark Matter CCC Surf Spinning Surf Rods feature a 50/50 split for easy storage. These 2-piece rods are designed to perform like a 1-piece. If you're fishing the Cape Cod Canal, or throwing chunks at Montauk and want a rod that can handle deep water jigging in fast current or a 24 hour soak, buy a Dark Matter CCC Surf Spinning Surf Rod! 

Dark Matter CCC Surf Spinning Surf Rods are 11' and Midnight Green in color. They can handle 4-10 ozs. They are awesome! 

Models: CCC1102F-S