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Dark Matter Fish Hawk Spinner

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  • Dark Matter Gold Spinner

    By Ryan Bernard on 4/11/2023

    If your thinking about it just get a couple and your gonna wish u had a couple more when you loose them hands down one of the best got one for me and my dad to try after watching them being used on YouTube absolutely hammered the brown trout on the gold spinner (have not tried silver) never caught so many big trout in one day in my life and they were not just bumping them they were absolutely smashing them will buy them every year for the rest of my fishing years!!!! Just put a order of 10 in can't wait to get them in the mail.

  • Dark matters Fish hawk spinners

    By Dale Ritz on 5/7/2023

    I went fishing at the Yellow Breeches today and caught 38 trout. I have never had much luck with spinners but today I tried the silver and gold Fish Hawk spinners and caught 22 trout with both colors. I could not be happier. I am hooked on both spinners. I hooked brown and rainbows.

The Dark Matter Fish Hawk Spinner was designed by Tyler "Fish Hawk" Brill as a great lure to catch a wide variety of freshwater fish. Fish Hawk is an amazing angler known for fishing streams, creeks, rivers and ponds for trout, bass, bluegill, crappie and more! One of the most effective lures in his arsenal is his spinner. Constructed of a durable stainless steel main shaft with solid brass bead and a blade that is polished to a mirror finish! Add a super sharp treble hook and you are good to go! If you love fishing spinners, give a Dark Matter Fish Hawk Spinner a try. A lot of fish have been caught on these and we know they will work for you!

Dark Matter Fish Hawk Spinners are available in silver and gold.

Models: DMFHS


Color - Gold

Weight (oz) - 3/16 oz

Pieces - 1

Hook - Yes