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Jigging Casting Rods

Dark Matter John Skinner Jig and Bounce Casting Rods

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The Dark Matter John Skinner Jig and Bounce Casting Rod has finally arrived! This rod was designed by John for catching fluke. In the beginning John was just shallow water fishing in the bay but now he does a lot of ocean fishing as well so he wanted a single rod that could do both. This rod is the solution. Constructed on a Dark Matter blank, this rod has a taper that makes bouncing bucktails on the bottom easy and efficient. It is outfitted with spiral wrapped Fuji Alconite K Guides and a great Fuji reel seat. The foregrip is EVA and has some extra size for additional leverage. The rear split grip is over 15" long and is constructed using two different materials. The upper grip that sits just below the reel seat is a textured material that provides additional grip. John asked for this to minimize the problem of trying to get grip when your hands are slippery from Gulp juice. The lower rear grip is EVA and is contoured to provide cushion for your forearm to reduce fatigue from bouncing the rod all day long on the water. If you want jig and bounce bucktails like John to catch big fluke, the Dark Matter John Skinner Jig and Bounce Casting Rod is the rod to get! Pair it with a Quantum Accurist Reel and 15 lb braided line and you are good to go.

Here's what John has to say about this rod: "I designed this to be the perfect fluke jigging rod when using 1.5- to 6-ounce jigs. At 6 feet 8 inches, light-weight, and spiral-wrapped, this is an extremely comfortable rod to jig all day with. It has the best taper to put action on the jig while providing plenty of power to set the hook. The sensitivity is unparalleled, making it easier to distinguish between a fluke tap and a bottom bump. Lean on a good fish with this and you’ll notice it loads beautifully as it utilizes the middle of the rod to absorb fish shakes. No detail was overlooked. For example, the jigging hand grip is made of a special non-slip material because I know what it’s like to have a rod fly out of my hand because my hand was wet and had fish slime and Gulp juice on it. While my design target was the ultimate fluke jigging rod, I’ve used it to bucktail grouper in Florida, and I know this will also make an excellent rod for striped bass and blackfish as well."

Dark Matter John Skinner Jig and Bounce Casting Rods come with a 1-year limited warranty. They are metallic blue. We are really happy with how the color came out. We think you are going to love how it looks as much as how well it performs. Due to the demand and limited nature of these rods they will not be eligible for any discounts. Available in two models.