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Decoy Worm 128 Neko Rig Hooks

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Decoy Worm 128 Neko Rig Hooks are perfect for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass. The weedless design is the feature that makes this hook stand out from the pack. Made in Japan, these hooks are incredibly sharp and feature a wide gap design and a flourine coating that increases hookups. They come with a clear plastic shrinktube baitholder that keeps your worm in place. If you're fishing a neko rig, a Decoy Worm 128 Neko Rig Hook is a great option!

Decoy Worm 128 Neko Rig Hooks are available in three sizes. Hooks are black nickel in color. Made in Japan.

Models: 827604, 827611, 827628


Hook Size - 5

Style - Neko Hook

Pieces - 5

Hook Color - Black Nickel