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Deps Slide Swimmer 115 Swimbait

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The Deps Slide Swimmer 115 Swimbait brings top of the line quality to a smaller form factor. The jointed Slide Swimmer 115 swims a perfect S in the water and mimics bait fish. The Deps Slide Swimmer 115 is constructed of hard polyurethane with a plastic sheath. The finish on these Japanese swimbaits is absolutely beautiful. They have a realistic profile and the spring weight system in the head produces a slight vibration to entice fish to strike. This is a great bait to fish after trying with a larger bait. A percentage of fish that gave the larger bait a sniff will attack the 115. Deps outfitted these swimbaits with super sticky treble hooks that will lead to more hookups. If you are on the hunt for freshwater bass and want a lure that will produce in high pressure situations, try throwing a Deps Slide Swimmer 115 Swimbait. If you've never fished a Deps Slide Swimmer, you owe it to yourself to give one a try. They swim great and will lead to more fish!

You don't need a heavy-duty swimbait rod to throw Deps Slide Swimmer 115 Swimbaits. They measure 4 1/2" in length and weigh 3/4 oz. Choose from four great colors - Baby Bass, Butch Brown Gizzard Shad, Deadly Keta Hasu and Wakasagi. Made in Japan.

Models: SS145/07, SS115/10, SS115/05, SS115/11, SS115/18


Color - Baby Bass

Length - 4 1/2″

Weight (oz) - 3/4

Type - Slow Sinking

Hook Size - #5