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Deps Slither K Frog

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The Deps Slither K Frog is a highly advanced fishing lure designed by Japanese wizards. Deps has put all of their creativity and technological knowledge into the Slither K. Like all Deps frogs it features a very soft, highly compressible body with super sharp custom hooks. The sides are cupped causing it to make a lot of commotion as it moves through the water. Deps has positioned the weight directly in the center of the frog so it is extremely easy to work. Walking the dog is super easy with this lure. The rear features a single bunch of rabbit hair that has a rhythmic motion in the water and is very alluring to nearby bass. The unique stealthy body design makes the Slither K weedless and perfect for fishing heavy cover. If you're looking to add a new frog to your arsenal and you're fishing around a lot of structure, give a Deps Slither K Frog a go. You will be impressed!

Deps Slither K Frogs are 2 1/2" in length and weigh 3/8 oz. These topwater baits are available angola python, bone crackle, jet black, moss green, shooting star, visible black, visible green and visible shiner. They are made in Japan. 

Models: SKF01, SKF02, SKF07, SKF08, SKF09, SKF11, SKF13, SKF12


Color - Visible Black

Length - 2 1/2″

Weight (oz) - 3/8

Type - Floating