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Deps Slide Swimmer 175 Swimbait

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The Deps Slide Swimmer 175 Swimbait is made for the big bass hunter! If targeting 10 lb + bass is your passion, a Deps Slide Swimmer 175 will aid you in your quest. The team over at Deps knows how to build a big swimbait. These Japanese wizards have created a bait that rates very high for delivering strikes. It is incredibly realistic and has a very natural appearance and swimming motion in the water that draws fish to it. These lures are so effective that you'll find yourself fishing one every time you hit the water! The jointed Deps Slide Swimmer 175 is constructed of hard polyurethane with a silicon sheath that combined with a killer finish makes these baits bass candy in the water. They are outfitted with two super sharp treble hooks. If you love catching big fish, and it is your sole purpose on the water, then get yourself a Deps Slide Swimmer 175 Swimbait. They will take your swimbait fishing to the next level!

Deps Slide Swimmer 175 Swimbaits are 7 1/2" in length and weigh 3 oz. Choose from five proven colors - Butch Brown Bass, Butch Brown Stocker Trout, Butch Brown Trout, Emerald Trout, Natural Saiko Trout and Phantom Shad. Made in Japan.

Models: SS175/15, SS175/104, SS175/21, SS175/20, SS175/31, SS175/32


Color - Butch Brown Trout

Length - 7 1/2″

Weight (oz) - 3

Type - Slow Sinking