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Duo Realis Koshinmushi Cicada Bug

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The Duo Realis Koshinmushi Cicada Bug is the perfect bait when bass are feeding on small insects. This Japan lure does an incredible job of imitating an insect due to its realistic body shape, plastic wings and silicone legs. The Koshinmushi is a smaller version of the Dekashinmushi and is just as effective. It will slowly crawl across the top of the water creating small waves. It is easy to stop and start. Once you fish it, you'll start applying other techniques to make this lure even more effective. The Duo Realis Koshinmushi Cicada Bug features a hard, 2-piece body, 3D eyes and a two super sticky treble hooks. The rear hook is feathered for extra presentation. If you love fishing topwater for largemouth, add a Duo Realis Koshinmushi Cicada Bug to your arsenal. They just plain work.

Duo Realis Koshinmushi Cicada Bug lures are 1 3/8" in length and weigh 1/10 oz. They are available in two great colors - Aburazemi, and Beetle. Made in Japan!

Models: KBUG-CCC3204, KBUG-CCC3219


Color - Aburazemi

Length - 1 38"

Weight (oz) - 1/10 oz

Type - Floating

Hook Size - #12