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Duo Realis Dekashinmushi Cicada Bug

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The Duo Realis Dekashinmushi Cicada Bug is a unique lure from Japan. It cleverly imitates a cicada bug sitting on top of the water, which bass love to strike! The Dekashinmushi has a very realistic action due to its long silicone legs and fixed wings. It is very easy to fish and can be presented in different ways. It features a hard, 2-piece body, 3D eyes and a feathered treble hook that is super sticky! The Japanese keep innovating fishing lures and the Duo Realis Dekashinmushi Cicada Bug should be on your list of topwater lures to try.

Duo Realis Dekashinmushi Cicada Bug lures are 3" in length and weigh 1 1/8 oz. They are available in four terrific colors - Aburazemi, Beetle, Semigara and Sight Bug. Buy a Dekashinmushi. The results will absolutely suprise you. Made in Japan!

Models: CCC3204, CCC3219, CCC3203, CCC3239


Color - Aburazemi

Length - 3"

Weight (oz) - 1 1/8 oz

Type - Floating

Hook Size - #4X