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Duo Realis Jerkbait 110SP Suspending

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The Duo Realis Jerkbait 110SP Suspending lure is perfect for catching freshwater bass! Slotting between the 100 and the 120, the 110SP is packed with technology and fish catching ability. This jerkbait is designed using the latest in Japanese engineering advancements. The Duo Realis Jerkbait 110SP gets top grades in castability, darting action, balance and reflection of light. The finishes and 3D eyes on these lures are amazing! It perfectly imitates a baitfish in the water and the tall, flat sides make it appear larger and more enticing to nearby fish. The flatness of the sides reflects more light than comparable round jerkbaits. Nearby fish will not be able to resist! The tungsten weight transfer system not only makes for long casts, but makes this lure incredibly versatile. It can be jerked or twitched and will stay balanced throughout the entire retrieve. The Duo Realis Jerkbait 110SP is a suspending bait with a range of 2-6'. It features several stainless steel ball bearings in multiple chambers, and three sharp treble hooks. Duo Realis plugs are incredibly well built and will help you catch more fish. Next time you are on the water, throw a Duo Realis Jerkbait 110SP. You will be impressed with the results!

Duo Realis Jerkbait 110SP lures are 4 3/8" in length and weigh 5/8 oz. They are available in ghost minnow, ghost m shad and prism shad. All three colors are effective. Made in Japan.

Models: GEA3006, CCC3190, ADA3081


Color - Ghost Minnow

Length - 4 3/8"

Weight (oz) - 5/8 oz

Type - Suspending 2-6 Feet

Hook Size - #6