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Duo Realis Onimasu 188F Floating Swimbait

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The Duo Realis Onimasu 188F Floating Swimbait is an impressive hard bait! The Onimasu delivers a true S-curve motion when swimming in the water and can be altered based on retrieval speed and line tension. With its advanced ballast system, you can even fish the Onimasu at high speeds and maintain stability. Duo Realis poured their expansive technological knowhow to create the Prometheus Project and the results are in this lure. The elevated ABS body and thin keel increase hook ratios, while the single swing hinge has dual joints to increase durability. When you fish this swimbait you will notice that it has an incredibly realistic presentation in the water. The paint jobs are more than impressive! The Duo Realis Onimasu 188F is 7 2/5" long and weighs 2 1/2 ozs. This floating swimbait features sharp 1/0 x-strong treble hooks. It's perfect for freshwater fishing situations and striped bass will crush it from the beach or a boat in saltwater!

Duo Realis Onimasu 188F Floating Swimbaits are made in Japan. They are available in gizzard shad nd and smokey bone. They have a range of 0-2'.

Models: CCC3827, ACC3018


Color - Gizzard Shad ND

Size (in.) - 7 2/5"

Weight (oz) - 2 1/2 oz

Pieces - 1

Hook - Trebles