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Soft Plastics

Egret Baits VUDU Shrimp

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The Egret Baits VUDU Shrimp is one of the best shrimp imitations on the market! So many anglers have fallen in love with this soft plastic bait becasue it catches a lot of fish and it's. super durable. The VUDU shrimp is constructed of TPE so it holds up very well fish after fish. The design is extremely realistic and the segmented tail gives it great action. Egret Baits puts a very strong fabric inside the tail so it won't rip. You're going to fish this anywhere you fish shrimp. Throw them from a boat for redfish or around docks and piers. They really do produce a lot of fish! Fishaholic fishes Egret Baits VUDU Shrimp. If you're targeting a species that feeds on shrimp, you have to throw one of these baits.

Egret Baits VUDU Shrimp are available in 2" and 3.25" in two great colors. Choose from gold and natural. Both colors work great! They are pre-rigged. The 2" model weighs 1/16 oz while the 3.25" is 1/4 oz.

Models: E-VS20, E-VS35


Color - Natural

Size (in.) - 2"

Weight (oz) - 1/16

Pieces - 2

Hook - Yes