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Evergreen Breamslide Swimbait

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The Evergreen Breamslide Swimbait is perfect for your next freshwater adventure! This swimbait perfectly imitates a bluegill. So much so that you will be captivated by just how lifelike it looks in your hands and how realistic it swims in the water. With its single joint, the Breamslide has a tight swimming action. The real fun happens when you pause and give the bait a quick tug. The Breamslide will glide through the water and this is when you'll get hit by that massive bass laying in wait. If you're a fan of swimbaits, you've got to try an Evergreen Breamslide! You're going to love it! The Breamslide comes outfitted with two super sharp dressed treble hooks that will lead to more hookups. We are sure that when you fish this swimbait you will get more largemouth to your boat.

Evergreen Breamslide Swimbaits are floating. They are 5 7/8" in length and weigh 3 ozs. Choose from three incredibly effective colors - Dark Side Bream, Farm pond Bream and Natural Bream. Made in Japan.

Models: BS/633, BS/638, BS/632


Color - Dark Side Bream

Length - 5 7/8″

Weight (oz) - 3

Type - Floating