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Evergreen ND-180 Noisy Dachs Wake Bait

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The Evergreen ND-180 "Noisy Dachs" Wake Bait is made for targeting big freshwater bass! This large wooden jointed wake bait features a special wooden tail that makes a lot of noise in the water and attracts big fish! While it has a large profile, it only weighs 2.2 ozs and is easy to cast. With very little practice you'll be able to get it into tight spots or wherever you want it to be. Fish the Evergreen ND-180 Wake Bait at different speeds to give the fish contrasting looks. It can be fished like a regular wake bait or you can even walk the dog and twitch it. Professional bass angler Brett Hite has been fishing this Japanese bait for several years with great results. Now that it's come to the US, you can use it to hook into some double digit bass! If you're looking for a competitive advantage, add an Evergreen ND-180 "Noisy Dachs" Wake Bait to your arsenal.

Evergreen ND-180 "Noisy Dachs" Wake Baits are 7 1/9" in length and weigh 2 5/16 oz. These floating baits are available in three great colors - Bass, Black Bone and Oikawa. The custom paint over foil finishes are world class and the treble hooks are extremely sticky! Dives to 1 foot. Made in Japan.

Models: ND-180-680, ND-180-619, ND-180-611


Color - Bass

Length - 7 1/9"

Weight (oz) - 2 5/16

Type - Floating

Hook Size - #2/0 and #1/0