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Evergreen SB-150 Shower Blows Custom Topwater Plugs

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There are no reviews for Evergreen SB-150 Shower Blows Custom Topwater Plugs yet.

The Evergreen SB-150 "Shower Blows" Custom Topwater Plug is an amazing crossover lure. This long distance casting plug works just as well on a lake targeting freshwater bass as it does in the surf hunting big striped bass. The SB-150 is constructed of durable plastic and has stunning finishes! This is one of the nicest looking plugs on the market, but looks aside, the mouth design is what sets this lure apart. It creates a lot of disturbance in the water and influences fish to strike. With three treble hooks and a rear feather, you'll be sure to get a solid hook up! The internal weight distribution system will allow you to throw these plugs a long way. If you're looking for a high quality plug, you've got to try an Evergreen SB-150 "Shower Blows" Custom Topwater Plug!

Evergreen SB-150 "Shower Blows" Custom Topwater Plugs are 6" in length and weigh 1 9/16 ozs. They are available in four great colors. Choose from skeleton chart, baby striper, blue back herring, half mirror wakasagi and bone.

Models: SB-150-59, SB-150-239, SB-150-260, SB-150-356, SB-150-196


Color - Blue Back Herring

Length - 5 7/8

Weight (oz) - 1 9/16

Type - Pencil Popper