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Fat Cow Skinny Tails Jig Strips

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Fat Cow Skinny Tails Jig Strips are the perfect trailer for bucktails, rigs and jigs. Jig Strips are constructed of a synthetic material that holds up really well, even after multiple strikes from toothy fish! They are infused with squid oils to make them more desirable to fish. The purpose of these trailers is to disrupt the water and add to the presentation of your bucktail, rig or jig. The Skinny Tail design makes a lot of commotion in the water and will help you catch more fish! With pork rind going away, Fat Cow Skinny Tails Jig Strips are a great alternative. They will not dry out and are reusable. As a trailer on the back of your bucktail, jig or rig, Fat Cow Skinny Tails Jig Strips will lead to more strikes!

Fat Cow Skinny Tails Jig Strips are available in four bright colors. If you're not sure which to choose, go with white. They measure 5 1/4" x 5/8". Don't like the size? Take out a pair of scissors and cut them to whatever size you want! Made in the USA!



Color - Bubble Gum

Length - 5 1/4"

Width - 5/8"

Type - Strip

Pieces - 8 Baits