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Fat Cow Split Tail Jig Strips

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  • Split tail rig tips

    By Wilfredo Acevedo on 7/6/2020

    Looks great cant wait to try it out

Use Fat Cow Split Tail Jig Strips as a trailer for bucktails, rigs and jigs. 70S pork rind was always an effective and extremely popular trailer. Fat Cow has delivered a substitute that will out perform the original! Split Tail Jig Strips are constructed of a synthetic material cut to have a split tail in the back. The motion in the water causes hungry fish to strike! These durable trailers are infused with squid oils to make them more desirable to fish. They will not dry out and are reusable. Us a Fat Cow Split Tail Jig Strip trailer on the back of your bucktail, jig or rig and you'll get more strikes!

Fat Cow Split Tail Jig Strips are available in two great colors. If you're not sure which to choose, go with white. They measure 5" x 1/2". Made in the USA!



Color - Ghost White

Length - 5"

Width - 1/2"

Type - Split Tail

Pieces - 8 Baits