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Soft Plastics

Fish Arrow Heavy Poop

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With a name like Heavy Poop it's easy to think this is a joke but it is not. The Fish Arrow Heavy Poop is a popular JDM bait that you should try if you're targeting freshwater bass. This heavy soft plastic bait is loaded with 30% salt so it sinks quickly and is perfect for fishing in shallow or deep water situations. Using the built in hooks slow you can Texas rig it or fish it weightless. While at fish glance it just looks like a hunk of plastic, it has two large claws on one end and looks just like a crawfish arm when resting on the bottom. If you've never fished this style of bait, it's worth trying. It will give a very different presentation and will lead to solid results when other baits fail. Sometimes something different is all you need!   

Fish Arrow Heavy Poop baits are 3.6" in length and weigh in at 0.6 ozs, which is quite heavy.  They are available in three great colors. Choose from Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Chart and Watermelon. These pops are made in Japan.

Models: HP-3.6


Color - Watermelon

Size (in.) - 3.6"

Weight (oz) - 0.6

Pieces - 6

Hook - None