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Fish Arrow Riser Jack Swimbait

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The Fish Arrow Riser Jack Swimbait is a must for anglers looking to target double digit bass, or for guys who have fallen hard into the swimbait game. The Riser Jack is a collaboration between Fish Arrow and DRT, which is one of the hottest lure manufacturers in Japan. The Fish Arrow Riser Jack is an 8 3/4" swimbait that has Fish Arrow's Monster Jack jointed body and a DRT V Tail. The swimming action is incredibly realistic and big fish will be enticed to hit it! One of the cool features is that you can fish it with or without the bill. With the bill on, the lure acts like a wake bait or a crankbait as you can get it to dive a few feet. Remove the bill and you've got a terrific floating topwater swimbait. By changing you retrieve speed you'll be able to get this lure to do a lot of different movements. It's really cool! It comes equipped with a pair of sticky trebles. If you like Japanese baits, especially Division Rebel Tackle, buy a Fish Arrow Riser jack Swimbait!

Fish Arrow Riser Jack Swimbaits are 8 3/4" in length and weigh 2 1/2 oz. Choose from six awesome colors. Biwasagi, Full Moon SP, Ikehara SP, Lemonade, Night Super and Pro Blue. This Fish Arrow / DRT collab is made in Japan.

Models: RJ


Color - Biwasagi

Length - 8 3/4

Weight (oz) - 2 1/2

Type - Floating