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Fish Arrow Flash-J Split

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You should really try fishing a Fish Arrow Flash-J Split! Made in Japan, these freshwater split tail baits are really nice! They give a very natural presentation in the water and the design of the split tail gives amazing action when retrieved. This is a versatile bait that excels in clear water due to its realism and can also be fished in muddy water situations. It is a multi-species bait that can be fished as a drop shot or part of a Ned rig. It also works really well as a weighted wacky rig. The internal flash will reflect a lot of light to attract hungry predators. If you love fishing freshwater with Japanese baits, you'll love the Fish Arrow Flash-J Split.

Fish Arrow Flash-J Splits are available in 3" in Watermelon/Silver. We will be adding more colors as they become available. 

Models: FSJ-3


Color - Watermelon/Silver

Size (in.) - 3

Weight (oz) - 1/4

Pieces - 7

Hook - None