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Gamakatsu In-Line Octopus Circle Hooks

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With the ever increasing popularity of circle hooks and their new found success, some fisheries have gone to circle hook only regulations. Along with that, the regulations call for a limited degree of offset or not offset at all. Some feel that too much offset on a circle hook negates its ability to set only in the corner of the jaw and can result in a few fish being hook too deep. Gamakatsu’s new "in-line" circle hook is design to meet those regulations that call for a non-offset circle hook. Based on the same design as the very popular Octopus Circle Hook, the In-Line Circle Hook features no offset. This new version of the Octopus Circle hook will not replace the existing Octopus Circle Hook, but will be offered in addition to it. The In-Line Circle Hook has an up eye for snelling and the sticky sharp point is set at a 90 degree angle from the shank of the hook. In addition to the new non-offset style, this new circle hook is also available in a NS Black finish. 


Models: 221411, 221412, 221413, 221414, 221415, 221416, 221417, 221418


Hook Size - 2/0

Style - In-Line Octopus Circle

Pieces - 6

Hook Color - NS Black