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Gamakatsu Assist 510 Hooks

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Gamakatsu Assist 510 Hooks are ingeniously designed for vertical jigging while targeting big game species – tuna, wahoo, mahi etc. Many strikes are missed while the fish attacks the jig head while missing the hook entirely. This stinger assist hook will eliminate all your headaches due to swings and misses, and its outward facing barb ensures your mainline won’t be frayed. Simply designed with heat-treated 100# test braided loop (150# on the 4/0 size) makes for easy connection to your jig without fussing around with split rings or fasteners. The loop is red in color to add some attractiveness at the business end of your rig.

The Gamakatsu Assist 510 Hook is a must for the hardcore offshore angler who prefers a little old school grind out jigging over the old “bait-and-wait” technique. Pick a few up and pretty soon you won’t even remember what a missed strike felt like. 

Models: 219512, 219513, 219514


Hook Size - 2/0

Style - Assist Hook

Pieces - 3

Hook Color - Tin