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Gamakatsu Octopus SE 4X Strong Hooks

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Gamakatsu 4X Strong Octopus Hooks are the bigger, brawnier brother of the regular Octopus Hook. The same offset design and hookpoint as their brethren, but an inline hook eye makes for a great trolling hook setup! Strictly a saltwater hook, the Gamakatsu 4X Strong Octopus is a bruiser that can take a beating from big boy pelagics, sharks, barracuda, and other belligerent predators.

Gamakatsu 4X Strong Octopus is ideal in offshore applications for stinger hooks on trolling lures, as well as pitching live or dead offerings at billfish or other aggressive feeders. Available in both small and large packs. 

Models: 98411, 98412, 98413, 98414, 98415, 98415-25, 98416, 98416-25, 98417, 98417-25, 98418, 98418-25


Hook Size - 1/0

Style - Octopus 4X Strong

Pieces - 6

Hook Color - NS Black