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Gamakatsu Single 510 Hooks

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Gamakatsu is looking to change the game with their innovative 510 Hooks. The same hook used on the Gamakatsu Assist, the 510 features an outward facing barb, short shank, and large bend area. Ideal for replacing hooks on trolling lures, spoons, diamond jigs, and trailer hooks on plugs, the 510 hook is quickly becoming the go-to option for anglers who prefer to offer artificials but prefer a single hook over a treble.

Gamakatsu Single 510 Hooks are available in several sizes, and are tin coated for superior corrosion resistance. 

Models: 232511, 232512, 232513, 232514


Hook Size - 2/0

Style - Single 510

Pieces - 5

Hook Color - Tin