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Gamakatsu Siwash Open Eye Hooks

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Gamakatsu Open Eye Siwash Hooks are, like their cousin the O’Shaughnessy, a fresh take on an old favorite. Perfect for quick replacements on jigs, plugs, spoons and the like, the Siwash Open Eye Hook can be attached to your lure in a flash! Featuring Gamakatsu’s famous high carbon steel forging process, the hook point is insanely sharper than most factory lure hooks. Pros in the know will switch out their lure hooks immediately in favor of the sharper, stronger Gamakatsu Siwash.

Gamakatsu Open Eye Siwash Hooks come in a variety of colors and are tin coated for superior corrosion resistance. 

Models: 10011, 10012, 10013, 10014, 10015


Hook Size - 2/0

Style - Siwash Open Eye

Pieces - 6

Hook Color - Tin