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Gary Yamamoto Senkos

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Gary Yamamoto Senkos are incredibly effective at catching freshwater fish! Whether you're fishing for pan fish, bass, or even trout, Senkos will bring more fish to your boat than any other soft plastic. The soft plastic body is infused with salt, which gives Senkos their incredible action! Fish them Texas rigged, Wacky style or even with a shaky head. However you fish them, Gary Yamamoto Senkos are going to help you catch more fish!

Gary Yamamoto Senkos are available in 3", 4" and 5" lengths and several colors. Choose from black (no flake), watermelon magic, watermelon (no flake),green pumpkin/watermelon and green pumpkin/black flake. Not all sizes come in all colors.

Models: 9B-10, 9S-10, 9-10


Color - Watermelon/Black Flake

Size (in.) - 5"

Pieces - 10

Hook - No