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Geecrack Spiron Twin

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At the shop, we have been waiting to carry Geecrack products for a long time! Geecrack is all about innovation and it really shows in their products. The Geecrack Spiron Twin is a terrific example of Japanese engineering and ingenuity. This bait features a flat, wide, ribbed body that imitates a bluegill. The dual tail features a thicker portion at the back that moves a lot of water and entices fish to strike. The Spiron Twin is a soft plastic bait that contains salt, amino acid and flavor. The scent and taste is actually inside the entire body so it will last as long as the bait lasts. The body is asymmetrical with a higher salt content in the bottom half which ends up creating stability when retrieving it across the top of the water. There is a slit in the top of the bait that gives your hook the perfect placement. This will increase hookups. Fish it as a trailer on a jig, Texas style, or weightless. If you're looking for a top of the line creature bait that has some engineering know-how, this is it. Buy a pack of Geecrack Spiron Twin creature baits!

Geecrack Spiron Twin baits are available in 4.8" in three great colors! Choose from Blue Gill, Green Pumpkin and Green Pumpkin Chart. Made in Japan.

Models: SPTWIN4.8


Color - Blue Gill

Size (in.) - 4.8"

Pieces - 6

Hook - None