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Hard Baits

Gibbs Casting Swimmer Wooden Surf Lures

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Gibbs Casting Swimmers are a staple in any hardcore surfcaster’s bag. They could be considered the best, at least the most versatile plug in your arsenal. They fly like Superman, swim like Aquaman, and take more punishment than Batman (sorry if you’re a Marvel fan, it just worked). The Gibbs Casting Swimmers have accounted for some of the fattest cows ever landed in the suds, and as long as their design stays the same (hint: it will), the big girls will always fall for it. The Gibbs Casting Swimmer is perhaps the most species inclusive offering from the New England manufacturer, being able to be used for anything that preys on small baitfish. The profile is so universal, you can use the plug all over the world and still get the same results – big fish, no matter how exotic the locale.

Gibbs Casting Swimmers are available in even sizes of 1, 2, and 3 ounces. The color patterns include blue, white, mackerel, black, yellow, red head, and black scale. Like all Gibbs lures, the Casting Swimmer is made from the finest quality American timber, and handcrafted locally in Rhode Island.

Models: CS1, CS2, CS3


Color - Blue

Length - 5 1/4"

Weight (oz) - 1

Type - Floating

Hook Size - 2/0