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Hard Baits

Gibbs Danny Surface Swimmer Wooden Surf Lures

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Gibbs Danny Surface Swimmers are perhaps the most widely recognized metal lipped swimmer on the market today. Danny Surface Swimmers started it all, and they continue to draw big fish with their tight fulcrum wobble. Unlike other plugs, the Danny Surface Swimmer pivots in the middle, creating a more natural action that trophy bass simply cannot resist. These plugs are so deadly on windless nights, when throwing into a current – simply swim the Danny against the water and you will easily feel the plug work against your rod tip. A very slow and steady retrieve is the ticket here, and you will soon see what all the fuss is about. The Gibbs Danny Surface Swimmer is designed to catch monster fish; not schoolies. Use the Danny during the heat of the summer, especially on full moon tides during July and August when other plugs are just not getting the job done.

Gibbs Danny Surface Swimmers are designed to travel just a couple of feet under the surface, in fact when you tune the eyelet either up or down you can determine just how deep your Danny will swim. Danny Surface Swimmers are available in blue, white, yellow, black, dark green, mackerel, silver/orange and the always deadly bunker. They come in 3 ½, 2 ¼, and 1 ½oz sizes, with the 3 ½ being the most popular casting size. Like all Gibbs lures, the Danny Surface Swimmer is made from high quality American wood, and handcrafted in the great state of Rhode Island.

Models: DSS1-1/2, DSS2-1/4, DSS3-1/2


Color - Blue

Length - 4 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 1 1/2

Type - Floating

Hook Size - 1/0 Treble + 5/0 Single Bucktail