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Hard Baits

Gibbs Pencil Popper Wooden Surf Lures

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Gibbs Pencil Poppers are so effective, rod manufacturers have created sticks specifically designed for fishing them. Every pencil popper on the market today, and there are many, can call the Gibbs Pencil Popper their daddy. There’s something to be said about crafting a pencil popper – the way they slap the water, the wood construction of the Gibbs Pencil Popper reigns supreme over their plastic counterparts. Your best bet for utilizing this deadly plug is to pick a rod that’s 10+ feet (a 10’6” is best) and has a medium action – you’re looking for a really wobbly blank that can be whipped about with minimal effort. The trick is to hold your rod about 2 feet over the reel and work the tip rapidly while slowly reeling – this results in the “walk the dog” action that makes the Gibbs Pencil Popper so effective. Look for calm waters, even glassy to throw your pencil popper, especially in the twilight hour where it’s not quite day and not quite night. This is where the Gibbs Pencil Popper will put in heavy work. If the fish are finicky, let the plug stop at the first swirl behind it – then work the tip in sets of two pops and watch that stubborn fish absolutely wreak that popper!

Gibbs Pencil Poppers are end loaded for ridiculous casting distance, and are available in blue, white, mackerel, yellow, parrot, red head, pogie, rainbow, limen, fluorescent orange, and bunker. They come in ½, 1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ¾, and 3 ½ oz sizes. Like all Gibbs lures, the Pencil Popper is made from the finest quality American timber, and handcrafted in the USA.

Models: PEN1/2, PEN1, PEN1-1/2, PEN2, PEN2-3/4, PEN3-1/2


Color - Pogie

Length - 6 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 2

Type - Floating

Hook Size - 3/0