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Hi-Seas Quattro Monofilament 1/4 lb Spool

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Hi-Seas Quattro Monofilament is the number one choice for serious saltwater anglers who need a tough, abrasion resistant line. Whether you’re bottom fishing for cod or grouper, trolling for sharks, or fishing from the surf in an extremely rocky area and need a no-nonsense leader, Hi-Seas Quattro Monofilament is your best bet.

Hi Seas Quattro Monofilament comes in a camouflage color that disappears underwater, and the ¼ pound spools come in 25-60 pound test.

Models: GSQ-Q-25, GSQ-Q-30, GSQ-Q-40, GSQ-Q-50, GSQ-Q-60


Lb Test - 25

Diameter (in.) - 0.020

Yards - 490

Color - Camo