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Hogy Sand Eels

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Hogy Sand Eels are the eel deal! Meticulously crafted to imitate a favorite forage of innumerous game fish everywhere, the Hogy Sand Eel is so lifelike it’s easily mistaken for the real thing. The bait is so versatile, you can use it with a small jig head, on a teaser, on an umbrella rig or spreader bar, or an Alabama rig! Anyone who hit the Long Island surf in fall 2013 will tell you that a good sand eel imitation would get you hooked up on every cast. Every cast.

Hogy Sand Eels are available in 4.6" and 7". They come in packs of 5, and are available in dark sand eel, grey ghost and light sand eel.

Models: SE1, SE2, SE6, SE71, SE72, SE76


Color - Dark Sand Eel

Size (in.) - 4.6

Pieces - 5

Hook - None