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Soft Plastics

Hogy Original 10 Inch Soft Bait (4 Pack)

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The Hogy 10" Original is our most universal design. It is just big enough for the largest of saltwater predators such as striped bass, tarpon and school tuna but also - just small enough- for largemouth and musky trophy hunters who use big baits in fresh water.

While the Hogy 10 inch Original walks the dog like traditional jerk bait, it does so in almost an eel like fashion. Designed to be fished fast or slow, its head to toe action drives fish crazy. Is it a large baitfish? An eel? Or a snake? Answer depends on whom you ask... All we know is that this bait is deadly.


Color - Bubble Gum

Size (in.) - 10

Pieces - 4

Hook - None