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Soft Plastics

Hogy Tuna Harness Jigs

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Hogy Tuna Harness Jigs are killer in bluewater! These premium baits feature a terrific jig head with a soft plastic tail. The Jig head features a 240 lb ball bearing swivel on top, 500 lb through wire construction and a strong 6X VMC Barbarian live bait hook. The heads are painted and have 3D eyes. The tails are Hogy's top of the line soft plastic with HDUV scales that are extremely realistic in the water! They have a fast tapered eel design that hungry tuna can't resist! They are extremely easy to rig with the built in chamber and exit hole that can accommodate the large size of the connection between the jig head and hook. You can cast them, jig them or troll them and they will catch fish. When the fishing is on, Hogy Tuna Harness Jigs are an effective way of bringing fish to the boat! 

Hogy Tuna Harness Jigs are available in 4 oz (10") and 5 oz (10 1/2") models. Choose from blue herring and bone glow. Buy some for your next tuna trip!

Models: HARN4, HARN5, HARN6


Color - Bubble Gum

Size (in.) - 10

Weight (oz) - 4

Pieces - 1

Hook - 6X VMC Barbarian Semi-Stiff Rig System