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Hogy Peanut Bunker Jigs

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Hogy Peanut Bunker Jigs are a great new lure for targeting false albacore. These proven jigs feature flat sides that causes a natural looking wobble when retrieved on the surface and trembles on the fall when fishing vertically. The Hogy Herring Jig features a really nice holographic bunker finish that is very realistic. On the back is a sharp VMC treble hook. When albie season rolls around, this is the perfect jig to throw from a boat or the beach!

Hogy Peanut Bunker Jigs are available in two sizes. Choose from 1 oz and 2 oz models..

Models: BHJ1P


Color - Peanut Bunker

Length - 2 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 1

Type - Jig

Range (ft) - Unlimited