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Soft Plastics

Hogy Protail Fly

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The Hogy Protail Fly is a really cool addition. This soft plastic bait is designed to mimic extremely tiny bait. It comes in two different versions, one designed for inshore fishing and the other for catching tuna and other offshore species. The Hogy Protail Fly is extremely durable and moves naturally in the water thanks to its weighted keel. The finishes on these baits are very realistic and hungry fish will strike it! The inshore version features a sharp Mustad 34007SS #2 Hook while the tuna version uses a beefy Mustad 10827BLN 8/0 hook. If you love Hogy products you are going to enjoy fishing the Protail Fly. They get the job done!

Hogy Protail Flys are available in two lengths. The 3" weighs .02 oz and the 4" weighs 1/4 oz. They are both available in the same five great colors. Choose from amber, better blue, ghost, olive and squid plug.



Color - Amber

Size (in.) - 3"

Weight (oz) - .02

Pieces - 1

Hook - Mustad 34007SS #2 Hook