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Soft Plastics

Hogy Pro Tail Paddles

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Hogy Pro Tail Paddles are perfect when hunting large inshore species. The Pro Tail Paddle is constructed of UV infused heavy duty soft plastic that is more rugged than the Original Hogy baits. This allows it to withstand more strikes from hungry fish and you can fish longer. The paddle tail has great back and forth motion in the water and will change when you retrieve it at different speeds. Hogy Pro Tail Paddles comes pre-rigged with a weighted keel and a 3X 6/0 (4 1/4" model only) or 10/0 VMC Barbarian Jig Hook that is super sharp and will lead to more hookups. If you're fishing for striped bass and other large inshore species, a Hogy Pro Tail Paddle is a great option. Fish them from the boat or the beach!

Hogy Pro Tail Paddles are available in several sizes and colors. They are extremely effective!

Models: PT31P, PT41P, PT51P, PT61P, PT64P, PT64P, PT65P, PT66P


Color - Black Silver

Size (in.) - 5 1/2

Weight (oz) - 2

Pieces - 1

Hook - 3X 10/0 VMC Barbarian Jig Hook