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Imakatsu Battle Bats Crankbait

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Imakatsu Battle Bats Crankbaits are extremely effective at bringing fish to the boat. These cranks are handmade in Japan and the quality is second to none. Battle Bats feature a horizontal design with a wide flat body and the Waddle Blade System, a small blade just above the rear hook. Together they create an irregular darting motion that makes the Battle Bat look like a wounded baitfish. Imakatsu Battle Bats Crankbaits feature a long lip to protect from snags around structure. The two treble hooks are super sharp and are spaced far enough apart to reduce snags. These cranks dive from 3-5' and hungry bass will not be able to resist their alluring motion! If you want to catch more fish, and who doesn't, add some Japanese technology to your arsenal. Get yourself an Imakatsu Battle Bats Crankbait and hit the water!

Imakatsu Battle Bats Crankbaits are 2 1/4" in length and weigh 3/8 oz. They are available in Ayu, which is a great color. Made in Japan.

Models: Battle Bats


Color - Ayu

Length - 2 1/4″

Weight (oz) - 3/8

Type - Floating