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Imakatsu Boota Frog

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The Imakatsu Boota Frog is engineered to give you the best chance of catching fish when frogging. The Boota Frog features a compressible body that has a channel that goes down the back from the front all the way to the rear. It creates a quick side to side motion that fish find irresistible. The Boota Frog has two keels and a sits on the water on three points so it is incredibly stable. You can get a lot of movement out of a short range of water so it sits in the strike zone longer than other frogs. At the rear is a super sharp double hook that is tucked in close to the body and double pony tails of rubber skirt to give the bait more action. At the back end of the weight there is a small hole that you can insert a nail weight into to improve casting distance and alter the way the frog floats. Fish the Imakatsu Boota Frog in cover as it is designed to be snag resistant. This is a really well designed frog by a company that knows what it is doing. Get yourself an Imakatsu Boota Frog and go catch some fish!

Imakatsu Boota Frogs are 2 3/4" in length and weigh 2/5 oz. These topwater baits are available Legend Frogger, which is a very good color. Add it to your arsenal! Made in Japan. 

Models: Boota Frog


Color - Legend Frogger

Length - 2 3/4″

Weight (oz) - 2/5

Type - Floating