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Imakatsu Gillroid Jr Swimbait

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The Imakatsu Gillroid Jr Swimbait is the smaller version of the popular and extremely effective Gillroid. The Gillroid Jr is a 3D blue gill swimbait that will help you catch more fish! This swimbait features a realistic finish that looks so real the bass are easily fooled. Imakatsu has poured all of their magic and technology into this bait and you have to try it! You have to see it, to believe it! The Imakatsu Gillroid Jr Swimbait comes with two different tails. One for traditional glide bait style fishing and the other is a boot tail to produce a heavy thumping action that will cause nearby fish to strike. These swimbaits cast well, even when it is windy. If you're after double digit bass, give one of these swimbaits a try. The difference in the attention from fish that a lure like this gets over less expensive ones from other manufacturers is significant. An Imakatsu Gillroid Jr Swimbait will definitely get more fish to the boat!

Imakatsu Gillroid Swimbaits are 5 1/4" in length and weigh 1.8 oz. They are available in two amazing colors - Gill and Ootanago. They are considered a slow floating swimbait. Made in Japan. Replacement tails are available.

Models: Gillroid Jr


Color - Gill

Length - 5 1/4″

Weight (oz) - 1.8

Type - Slow-Float