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Imakatsu Gillroid Swimbait

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The Imakatsu Gillroid Swimbait is an incredible blue gill swimbait! The Gillroid features an ultra-realistic finish to fool even the most finicky bass. You have to see it, to believe it! The swimbait comes with two different tails. One for traditional glide bait style fishing and the other is a boot tail to produce a heavier thumping action that will drive the fish to feed. The compact, yet wide body design on the Imakatsu Gillroid Swimbait generates long casts, even in windy conditions. This is really Japanese technology at its pinnacle. If you like hunting for big freshwater bass, this bait will help you achieve your goals. If the Imakatsu Gillroid Swimbait was any more realistic, it would smell!

Imakatsu Gillroid Swimbaits are 6 1/4" in length with the boot tail and 5 1/2" with the flat tail. They weigh 2.6 oz and are available in the color Gill. They are considered a slow floating swimbait. Made in Japan. Replacement tails are available.

Models: Gillroid


Color - Gill

Length - 6 1/4″

Weight (oz) - 2.6

Type - Slow-Float