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Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait

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If you're a swimbait nerd then the Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait is a must own! The engineers at Imakatsu have packed and incredible amount of technology into this bait making it one of the most high quality versatile baits on the market. The Replicator comes with three different tails that each will give you a different presentation in the water. While it comes equipped with two super sticky trebles, this three piece jointed swimbait can become something completely different. Remove the trebles and attach the included Buffalo Horn Hooks and fish that get spooked by the hanging trebles will have more confidence and attack this bait. Due to its versatility, the Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait can float, slow float or dead slow float. Using the jaballon tail, this three piece swimbait becomes a four piece swimbait. If you love tuning baits or getting the most out a bait, you have to buy one of these. The Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait will help you bring large bass to the boat. It's super impressive.

Imakatsu Replicator Swimbaits are 8 1/2" in length and weigh in at 2.4 ozs. They are available in six awesome colors. Made in Japan. Replacement tails are available.

Models: Replicator


Color - 3D Ochi Ayu

Length - 8 1/2″

Weight (oz) - 2.4

Type - Dead Slow Floating