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Imakatsu X17 Stealth Swimmer Swimbait

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The Imakatsu X17 Stealth Swimmer is a technologically advanced Japanese soft swimbait. This snag-less swimbait is pure magic. The hook is hidden completely inside the body and when a fish strikes, the hollow body bends and the super sharp single hook is exposed, leading to more hookups. The Stealth Swimmer works great in heavy cover and around grass. The tail gives off a rhythmic thumping action that causes nearby fish to strike. There are so many advantages to having the hidden hook including the ability to really make the bait move a lot. You can easily make it dart or use a jerking technique, which is highly effective! If you're looking for a new hollow swimbait to try, definitely pick up an Imakatsu X17 Stealth Swimmer Swimbait. The Japanese technology will help you catch more fish!

Imakatsu X17 Stealth Swimmer Swimbaits are 6.3" in length. They come two to a pack. One is rigged with a non-weighted jig head and the second has a weighted jig head that is 3/8 oz. They are available in Lake Clear Magic and Real Ayu. Made in Japan.

Models: X17 Stealth Swimmer


Color - Lake Clear Magic

Length - 6.3″

Weight (oz) - 0 oz - 3/8

Type - Swimbait